For the beneficiary

Physical rehabilitation and health services

Beneficiario recibe servicio de Hidroterapia
Under a holistic approach, APAC provides physical, occupational, communication and massage therapies; psychology and neuropsychology; general medicine, nutrition and dentistry.

Formal education

Beneficiario recibe servicios de educación.
APAC is a K-12 school, in two modalities: full-time and part-time. The organization makes specialized modifications to curriculum approved by the Public Education Department (SEP for its acronym in Spanish) and the National Institute of Education for Adults (INEA for its acronym in Spanish) to meet the needs of our beneficiaries and to design an individualized plan.

Alternative education

Beneficiario recibe servicio de Sala Multisensorial.
APAC’s pedagogical proposal is complemented with alternative education. It utilizes tools, techniques, methods and activities to develop, favor and maintain the beneficiaries’ physical and cognitive abilities. Additionally, it helps foster habits and behaviors which permit social and educational integration by achieving self-sufficiency both at school and during daily tasks.