Online Diploma Course

General Objective

The Diploma Course aims to provide students with tools and resources to implement APAC’s comprehensive care model. 

Graduating students will be prepared to serve people with disabilities, particularly Cerebral Palsy, and older adults by using intervention strategies which improve the quality of life of those served, their families and the caretaker.

Prospective Student Profile

  1. High school degree or equivalent 
  2. Sense of duty 
  3. General Public with an interest to acquire knowledge to help people under their care 
  4. Basic knowledge of technology 
  5. Computer or device with Internet access

Admission Requirements

  • Official ID 
  • Birth certificate
  • ID photo 
  • Transcript of latest educational degree

The 6-month online diploma course is certified by the Mexican Department of Labor and Social Security (STPS). It is also certified by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and is equivalent to 22 college credits. To obtain said credits, additional requirements are needed.

Diploma course for the comprehensive care of people with disabilities and older adults