J. García López Foundation supports APAC through movement Calaverita de Ayuda

On November 1st, our beneficiaries celebrated Day of the Dead in a big way thanks to the efforts of the Funeral Services Group J. García López.

Guadalupe Maldonado, general director of APAC, Julia Castro, Formal Education director, and Guadalupe García, president of J. García López Foundation, alongside three of APAC's beneficiaries.

Calaverita de Ayuda is an initiative with the objective of bringing this tradition to all children who can’t easily leave home to go out to the streets and trick-or-treat.

At APAC, we are very thankful for the work J. García López did, including calling upon others to join the movement. Through a social media campaign, Honda, Converse, Samsonite, sports retailer Martí, and hundreds of people made in-kind donations to our beneficiaries.

“We wanted other companies and people to join us, and together bring joy and love to all of you,” said Guadalupe García Bravo, President of the J. García López Foundation.

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