international volunteers at apac: Yoko Galeano

In October 2018, APAC welcomed Yoko Galeano, senior volunteer from the Japan International Cooperation Agency, JICA. She will volunteer at APAC until September 2019.

Yoko is an expert in special education, with more than 13 years of experience. She has worked in different schools teaching children and youth with disabilities.

“I wanted to share the experience I got in Japan with an organization like APAC,” Yoko said. “But I also have learned a lot from people here.”

Yoko Galeano

As a volunteer, Yoko will provide support for two elementary school groups and one from middle school. She also teaches yoga to beneficiaries and their families three times per week. Aditionally, she has shared some of her country’s traditiones, food and common sayings with her students.

“Yes, they need a lot of volunteers here at APAC, but you also get a lot from the institution,” she said. “I give my love to the children, but they definitely give it back.”

Would you like to become a volunteer at APAC? Get more information here.

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