Atención es Prevención: mobile application and awareness campaign

On March 26th, APAC launched the awareness campaign and mobile application called Atención es Prevención (Attention is Prevention). These tools seek to highlight the importance of early intervention programs, and encourage parents to monitor their children’s development.

The app, available for Apple and Android users, is a way of sharing the knowledge we have amassed in this area through technology. It is a tool which helps monitor childhood development through a five-question quiz tailored to the child’s age, provides tips to follow at home -developed by our in-house specialists- and seeks to rid parents of the fear of reaching out when extra help is needed.

This app has provided APAC an unparalleled opportunity to reach young parents, uncles, aunts or family friends who may benefit from it.

Aplicación móvil Atención es Prevención

Along with our app, we developed a disruptive communications campaign that aims at drawing attention to warning signs and risk factors, so parents may more closely pay attention to developmental milestones. It confronts myths with reality, by taking phrases commonly used in Mexican culture and challenging them.

“This tools represent an invitation to join forces between civil society organizations, private corporations and the government, to favor early childhood and contribute to a culture of prevention in Mexico,” said Enrique Tellez, President of APAC’s Board of Directors.

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