APAC participates in art exhibit Mexicraneos 2019

Beneficiarios de APAC junto al artista UNEG, junto al Mexicráneo "Calapac" en Paseo de la Reforma.

The art exhibit Mexicráneos has returned to Mexico City and some of APAC’s beneficiaries had the opportunity to participate in this year’s edition. The artistic iniative of J. García Lopez Funeral Services and Locos por el Arte, creates a free and unlimited space, in which different artists are inspired by our country’s most important tradition, Día de Muertos.

“Every artist has a distinct point of view on Día de Muertos and what it means to be proud of being Mexican,” said Paige Zarkin, exposition curator.

With guidance from Erick Sandoval Hofmann, graphic designer and graffiti artist known as UNEG, 40 of our beneficiaries participated in five art sessions. During them, they learn different techniques and developed abilities such as drawing, brush strokes, and spray painting.

Erick said the experience with our beneficiaries was enriching and inspiring.

“Working with the students at APAC was not difficult. They were very interested and committed to the project, which was very gratifying,” he said. “Additionally, they were very careful when executing new techniques.”

The final result of these sessions was the decoration of a gian stkull exhibited in one of Mexico City’s most famous avenues, Paseo de la Reforma, during October and November.

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