APAC AND GRUPO ALCIS join forces for workplace inclusion of people with disabilities

A promoter of equality and inclusion, APAC has always strived to create opportunities which allow people with disabilities to find employment, whether at a company or through launching their own business.

“We should not be afraid to let them go out into the world,” said María del Pilar, mother of Citlaly Aguilar, who graduated from APAC. “As parents, we are sometimes they ones who place the first limitationes. They deserve the opportunity for growth.”

Grupo Alcis is a family business which specializes in different sectors. Now, there are six graduates from APAC employed in different areas, including a printing house, funeral services, and archives.

For some, this opportunity is a first-ever job. Even during their short time of employment, they have become valuable members of the team.

Perla Pérez, printing house coordinator, agrees.

“It’s been a wonderful experience working with them,” she said. “When Grupo Alcis decided to bring them in, I wasn’t sure what to expect. They have shown there was nothing to be unsure about. When we have a deadline, they are always on top of it. They are very efficient.”

Some parents of the new employees also shared how satisfying it was to see their son or daughter become so self-sufficient.

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