When you donate, you support the rehabilitation of our children and provide our youth with the opportunity of inclusion in the workplace.

At APAC, we believe true power lies in helping those who are most in need. Wherever you are, you can change the life of one of our beneficiaries.

Make donation with Pay-Pal

The safe and easy way to donate

Make a cash donation

You can make a donation through a cash deposit in our bank account

Account Name: APAC, I.A.P. Asociación Pro Personas con Parálisis Cerebral
Bank Name: BBVA Bancomer
Account Number: 0111891383

Cash donations will only be accepted through a bank deposit for safety. For security purposes, we don’t receive cash at our facilities.

Tax deductible receipt

Remember that with your donation you can ask for a tax deductible receipt. Write to [email protected] to get it.

All transactions are secure and confidential

Where does your money go?

According to a diagnosis elaborated by Filantrofilia, APAC’s SROI (Social Return on Investment) is $4.30 por each invested peso.

The general cost of our services is $5,700 pesos per month. 85% of our beneficiaries cover a $850 (or less) pesos recovery fee.


“I saw the then-General Director for APAC and her daughter Beaty on TV. That’s how I knew about APAC, I make a monthly donation since then. It makes me very happy to learn about the progress of the beneficiaries,”

Josefina Álvarez Maytorena, donor for 28 years.

“I met a beneficiary of APAC, who worked in her family business. I’ll never forget the happiness in her face when she rang me up all by herself. It was then that I decided to join this cause,”

Marco Antonio Piña, donor for 32 years.

“One day at the bus, I saw a child with a disability and I realized how complicated it must be for his mom to carry him from place to place. So right away I looked for places where children like him could be supported and I found out about APAC, I have donated since,”

Socorro Silva Guerrero, donor for 30 years.